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Classes are great, I had a great time and I managed to learn[br]many interesting things!

Anna, 13 years old

Free of charge classes "Code with the Giants" in Krakow


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fun and lots of learning![br] I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!

Fiona, 14 years old

We make real games in class! I like it very much and there is a nice teacher

Reza, 16 years old

I recommend!!! these classes are great. we learn how to make games

Lou, 8 years old

I love Minecraft, but I didn't know what great things can be done there. I learned everything during class. I highly recommend it!

Cheng, 10 years old

Parents' opinions

The son continues to talk about these classes. He is constantly programming something on his computer and still wants to learn. Lessons with the Giants have developed a real passion in him. We are very happy with our husband. The other son wants to try too, we will enroll him soon.

Mila, 34 years old

My wife and I decided to save my daughter last year. She liked it so much that she wants to go to IT studies. We highly recommend it!

Enzo, 47 years old

My son is fascinated by the effects of programming and can't wait to learn more!

Tarini, 35 years old

I left my daughter only a moment before the screen. I came back after an hour and could not believe it! The whole code was ready on the screen! It's amazing, because my daughter had no previous contact with the programming. She liked the classes very much! We will certainly continue learning.

Xin, 31 years old

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We are people with passion and we want to share this passion with others!



We are professionals and programmers of flesh and bones!



We have the right approach and experience in working with young people!



We are supported by qualified educators!