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Programming classes for children help to understand how technology works and teach logical thinking and patience. The young generation gains skills that will be useful in many areas of life.


Programming for children and teenagers - we adapt the classes to the age groups in such a way as to make them interesting and easy to learn. We put a lot of emphasis on imagination and spatial thinking which will allow us to understand computer science, coding, graphics, mobile applications and hacking.

We are united by passion! - Coding Giants are qualified teachers who are willing and able to share knowledge in an accessible way - especially with the youngest ones!

We are professionals and programmers of flesh and blood - we work in our profession, we expand our knowledge, the world of coding continues to surprise us, and we want to share our enthusiasm and skills with course participants.

We have the right approach and experience in working with young people - not only we use the programming language but also communicate freely with children and young people. We assume that the participants best assimilate knowledge when they receive interesting and engaging messages, inspiring their enthusiasm and passion for learning the secrets of coding.

We are supported by qualified educators - we believe that each of us is different so when developing a proper language of communication we use the help of specialists in this field.

We are the originators - - we are not just the educators but the creators. We are author of several books on programming, recognised by the Ministry of Science and Education, for children and youths to develop programming skills in them in a more innovative way.

Programming for children - especially in today's digitised world - is just as important as learning to read or count. Coding Giants will pass on knowledge that will not only potentially prepare for the IT profession, but will also be interesting, allowing you to get to know and understand the world of new technologies better.

I am convinced that what distinguishes successful people from unsuccessful ones is pure stubbornness.

Steve Jobs

We invite children and teenagers from the ages of seven to nineteen to our programming school - we know that regardless of age it is motivation that plays a key role in learning so we continue to expand our offer with new courses to allow each of our students to develop in the area that interests them most.


Free of charge workshops

Code with Giants

Feel invited you to free programming workshops for children and teenagers - Code with Giants! The aim of the workshops is to promote IT learning. Future participants will be introduced to the secrets of programming and the latest technologies.

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We are people with passion and we want to share this passion with others!



We are professionals and programmers of flesh and bones!



We have the right approach and experience in working with young people!



We are supported by qualified educators!